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Israel is the leading country in educational gaps among Western countries: gaps between the center and the periphery, rich and poor, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, Jews and Arabs, etc. 

But Kedma developed an educational model that narrows the relation between background and academic performance. 

Below you can learn how we enhance teachers' and schools' ability to break opportunity gaps and foster social justice.

Kedma's double mission for schools & teachers

Teachers' empowerment

We believe that teachers are agents of social change. We provide them with free pedagogical resources & professional development opportunities promoting a clear agenda of social justice.

Schools' guidance

Our two partnering schools are located in socio-economic disadvantaged areas where the students live. They follow a holistic educational approach and thrive on being places of growth and belonging for each student.

Quality and equity in education are the keys to a resilient and inclusive society

Students achieve social justice

Students develop a passion for learning and social justice and are equipped with the personal and academic skills to reach their goals and potential, breaking the inequality circle.



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Partnering schools

By supporting Kedma, you help provide educators the resources they need to empower their students

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Kedma – For Social & Educational Justice in Israel is a social-educational non-profit organization that works for equality and social justice in Israel through education.