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Kedma High School (grades 7 to 12) was founded 20 years ago in the heart of the "Katamonim" neighborhood in Jerusalem, which is considered one of the poorest in the city, in order to serve the neighborhood's children. Since its establishment, the school leads and supports its students in their path to full matriculation and higher education, through unique educational programs, mentoring, and individual tutoring. In addition to academic excellence, the school encourages its students to be involved in the community and contribute to society. 

And so, the establishment and implementation of the academic model in the school has been very successful: 72% of Kedma students complete their studies with a full matriculation certificate. This is an outstanding achievement, considering that they are fourth generation of economic destitution and poverty, and taking into account their parents' minimal education and the enormous educational gaps they bring with them when they arrive in the school. Moreover, 40% of all Kedma graduates continue their studies in higher education institutions. These are higher levels than the national average, and much higher than the achievement average of students from weakened populations. 

It is also noteworthy that in addition to the support of students during their high school studies, the association also invests in supporting the graduates through subsidizing courses for the psychometric exam and providing scholarships while students acquire their higher education.


"The students in Kedma achieve great levels of success. I am here out of respect and appreciation for what you do. I would like Kedma School to become an example, a role-model, and that we will have many Kedma schools around the country". Former Education Minister, the late Mr. Yossi Sarid.

The success and proven results of Kedma High School are studied as a pedagogic and educational model in colleges and education departments throughout the country. Thanks to its impressive achievements, the school received the Jerusalem's Municipality and Ministry of Education's Educational prize in 2014 and the Ministry of Education's National prize in 2015.

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Kedma – For Social & Educational Justice in Israel is a social-educational non-profit organization that works for equality and social justice in Israel through education.