Kedma is a social-educational nonprofit

It was established in 1994 by parents, teachers, and activists from underserved and marginalized communities who demanded equal opportunity for all children in Israel.     

Since then, and for over two decades, Kedma has developed an effective educational model that narrows opportunity gaps between the different populations in Israel. 

Kedma strives to foster a passion for learning and social action among all students, along with a desire for excellence and pride in all particular identities. 

Kedma History
Kedma History
Kedma History
Kedma receives the Ministry of Education's National price twice
Kedma History
Launch of Teachers with Agenda

Kedma's schools

.We support two municipal schools located in the periphery which follow Kedma's successful educational model

Teachers who care

Our teachers believe in each student's potential to succeed and never give up on them. They support their students when they go through challenging situations, inside or outside the school.

Places of growth

The teaching teams always adapt learning materials to remain relevant to their students' lives and develop the skills that they will need in the future, such as critical thinking and creativity.

Located in the periphery

 Access to quality education should not depend on where you live, exactly like access to clean water: our schools are located in the disadvantaged areas where students live. 

A model for others

Our partnering schools are nationally recognized for their success and visited each year by tens of educators looking to learn about our best practices, specifically the high-quality mentoring program.


The schools operate with awareness and consideration for the different communities' values and needs and involve the parents in the educational process.

Teaching for social justice

We encourage our students to be proud of their identity and become significant partners in shaping an Israeli society based on caring and mutual understanding.

By supporting Kedma, you help provide educators the resources they need to empower their students

all donations are tax-exempts in Israel & the US. 

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Kedma – For Social & Educational Justice in Israel is a social-educational non-profit organization that works for equality and social justice in Israel through education.