Yuval Alfi Yamin

"One good thing is that I have more time to spend at home with my partner. Another, is that I don’t have to go on long trips back and forth to the university.
Disadvantages of this situation are: staying away from my family that lives in Jerusalem, the distant computer classes and the lack of human contact."


Sivan Hazan

"One good thing that the coronavirus added to my life is plenty of time to complete my university assignments for my Special Education course.
A main challenge I am facing concerns my ability to stay concentrated on my zoom classes while my four kids are walking around the house. Finding quiet time during the day is definitely challenging!
Another challenge is the conversations I have with my parents through zoom, they are over seventy years old and technology is not their strong side … I ask my mother to look up to the camera but most of the time she looks up to the ceiling.
Above all, I thank God for the quality time I have with my husband and four children."


Tzlil Elyashar

"I study in Ashkelon College while I live in Sderot. What helps me most during this coronavirus period is the zoom lessons I have. The fact that they are recorded enables me to watch them repeatedly without any distractions. What is difficult for me is the lack of routine, I tend to be disorganised when I don't have a routine and I have to put more boundaries to myself. (In the photo you can see my twin sister and I keeping a two meter distance from each other even though it's difficult)." 


Maya Sror

"The best thing that happened to my studies following the coronavirus is that my university opened a new special course that enables us to complete our Bachelors degree together with a Masters in a shorter period of time and at a reduced price. Their ambition is to allow us to finish our Bachelors degree while in practice we graduate with a Masters."


Esty Ziv

"One good thing that happened to me following the coronavirus outbreak is that I finally have a quiet maternity leave. I gave birth two months ago and went right back to school after only three weeks at home. It was a crazy stress filled period in which I had to complete many exams. Now all of the tests are postponed and I have time to invest in my studies. The main challenge I face concerns having to deal with three kids and a husband that works in shifts while taking part in my virtual studies. But God bless I have no complaints. I enjoy the quality time with my family and succeed to be more connected to myself."


Moran Elmaliach

"One good thing that happened to my studies following this coronavirus situation is the experience of online classes. They save me precious time that I usually spend on travelling to Jerusalem 🙂
One challenge I face concerns the combination of my three roles in life (I'm a mother, I work from home and study at home). This mix requires a lot of self-discipline."
I wish all of us healthier days.


Michal Shriki

"A good thing that came out of this coronavirus situation:
I have more time to study and deepen my understanding while also having the time to read materials that are not mandatory.
And yet this period is very challenging. We have no certainty concerning our employment status and we are constantly in fear of getting infected.
Good health to all of us."


Ori Marzam

"A good thing that happened to my studies during this coronavirus period – I am managing to maintain a calmer daily routine, eat peacefully and even work on my vegetable garden. I am glad to have the opportunity to watch my online classes twice if necessary. That enables me to make sure I understand and get everything done.
I find the inability to have group study meetings with friends very challenging."


Yahel Zadok

"One good thing – a short vacation from school and much needed rest won't hurt.
One significant challenge – the Ministry of Labor exams were postponed for a year. That means that my professional studies will take another year.
Bless you and keep yourself in good health that's what's most important!
Attached here is a picture taken from my balcony. You can see the desert view and me wearing a 'SAHI' shirt.


Ariel Berzon

"About the children's camp – At the beginning of the week camps were opened for the children of the medical staff and I volunteered in one that was opened in Nahariya. Together with another guide I later moved to the camp that was opened in Haifa, volunteering as an educational coordinator.
As for my culture and art studies, we learn one day a week online. It's a different experience then our usual physical meetings; I find it to be less significant. I hope we get back to normal soon."


Shelly Elmaliach Menahem

"A positive side to this coronavirus situation: We have a lot of time to write our seminar school papers.
A negative side: Because they have shut down the kindergartens we have nowhere to complete our research. It is unclear what will happen.
Another difficulty arises from the new format of distance learning, I believe there is no substitute for frontal teaching."


Ben Drori

"A good thing is that we have some quiet and calm time we don’t usually have to finish our assignments. I have much less stress and more time to think.
I study acting and therefore we can only have a few very specific lessons online. These lessons are a gift at this time; they give me fresh air because I miss my studies very much.
Its not a simple time for me. The biggest challenge I have to deal with is the fact that I live alone in Tel Aviv while my family is far away in Jerusalem and I can't see them. I miss acting very much but I am very optimistic that things will end well!
(Attached here is a picture of me working on a scene with some of my classmates)
First year in Yoram Levinstein acting school."


Netanel Cohen

"I’m currently volunteering with the elderly. I do their shopping and provide their needs. In short, my main difficulty is finding a way to pay for my studies this year and next year. We are not working at the moment. The remote learning system is not very pleasant either…"


Shimrit Desta

"The thing that I find most challenging is studying while my children are at home. I find the online courses very hard. It's hard to pick myself up and study after I spent a whole day with them while also trying to help my daughter Tehila with her own homework."


Shani Zemah

"A good thing that's happening is that even though we don't go to college, we have online lessons. The lessons are a good distraction from thinking about the coronavirus. They make me feel as if I'm in class again with my classmates.
The thing that is most challenging for me is that I have already become accustomed to the holiday atmosphere since there are only few classes we can attend.
Thank you for your interest and for everything."


Moran Sagi

"Hi, the significant challenge I face in school is that there is no real study environment and my head is busy with so many thoughts. Another difficulty is the fact that I can't meet my family and friends, my mother in particular. The only advantage is that my exams are slightly postponed and that gives me more time to prepare.
I wish everyone healthy and happy days.

We continue studying even in bed.


Noy Oz

"This time isn't simple. I work and learn online and that it is very challenging. Because we are learning online we are given much more assignments and the combination with work is hard. I have a lot of work to do because many people have been laid off. However there is also something good about this time – most of the time I enjoy watching the recorded lessons, I can stop and rewind the recording if I don't understand something. 
Attached here is a picture of me zooming at work." 😏



Sapir Dahan

"Coping with this new routine is very strange.
I'm trying to get used to learning with zoom. I even managed to improvise a small studio in my room where I can do almost everything! It's very challenging for me to stay at home without going out, I'm already going crazy. The most important thing is that this will pass and we will all return to an amazing summer routine".


Ori Zadok and Oshri Krieaf

Oshri and Ori, are Kedma graduates who manage SAHI (youth’grace patrol’) in the southern district of Jerusalem. They volunteer literally ‘around the clock’ – day and night to raise food and donations for in-need families.