Projects at Kedma High School

Learning Center – Assists Kedma students to reduce educational gaps in a quiet and pleasant setting that encourages effective learning. Through tutoring individually or in small groups, the center advances the students to their expected academic level, while emphasizing the subjects of Mathematics, Hebrew, and English, and the acquisition of basic learning strategies and skills. In higher grades, the learning center assists with thorough and extensive preparation for the matriculation exams, including focused study marathons. The project's budget is 305,000 NIS per year.

Mentoring Program – Provides the students a corrective experience of academic success and a sense of belonging to a school environment, which encourages them to actualize their abilities. The mentor's role includes familiarization with each student's individual circumstances, and assistance with dealing with their personal challenges. Mentors participate in personal and group meetings with the students, and keep in touch with parents and the professional school staff. The program is based on a unique model developed by the Kedma School, and reflects its commitment to its students. Mentors motivate their students to study and succeed, and build their confidence in themselves, that they are worthy and can have high aspirations for a better future. The project's budget is 323,000 NIS per year.

The Kedmiya – An enrichment program for children and mothers during the afternoon in the Katamonim neighborhood. Most children come from very poor homes, some from single-parent families, who carry a heavy economic burden and don't have the means to finance extra-curricular activities for their children. The Kedmiya serves as a children's club that nurtures the neighborhood children in a rich literacy and learning environment, games and social interaction in a warm homely setting, while providing individual, personable contact. Kedma School opens its gates to the local community and the program makes the most of the resources found in the school: classrooms, art rooms, computers, equipment and a library that are offered for the benefit of the local community. The program's instructors, Kedma High School graduates, school staff, and 10th grade students who participate in this activity work as volunteers and act as positive role models for the children. The project's budget is 115,000 NIS per year.

Projects at Neve Hof Elementary School

"Merchav Beyahad" (Learning Together Center) – A gateway to differential learning. The area provides an educational and emotional response especially for students with learning disabilities and/or emotional difficulties, who need educational support and/or emotional therapy. The area addresses gaps in knowledge, learning strategies and emotional, familial and social difficulties. The places' staff is available to 3 groups at the schools – students, educational staff and students' parents, together, which creates a holistic perspective of the school as a learning center.

There are 330 students aged 6-12 at the school. Approximately 30% of students have been diagnosed as having learning disabilities, emotional difficulties or neurological problems. In addition, many students are not diagnosed but still encounter difficulties, and are at risk of creating learning gaps without intensive and focused intervention. The highest goal of the program is to guarantee that every student with learning disabilities will actualize his or her full potential, progress educationally and socially, and successfully integrate into (elementary) school and then high school. The project's budget is 299,000 NIS.

Kedma Association Projects

Kedma Newsletter for Teachers with an Agenda – A newsletter for teachers, administrators, and educational personnel is the main means through which the Kedma Association spreads its perspective for the implementation of social justice for social change through education. The purpose of spreading the newsletter is to expand, encourage and strengthen the voices, dialogue and practices of social justice and equality in classrooms and schools in Israel; to serve as a source of inspiration for educational programs that relate to the students' worlds, that critically examine the social economic reality in Israel, and are based on multiculturalism, a variety of voices and democratic principles; to encourage teachers who respect their students and promote heart to heart dialogue. Teachers who teach with the purpose of healing and fixing the world and to assist education personnel from other schools to benefit from our successes and our many realizations accumulated through many years of experience.

Kedma Association began distributing the newsletter 'Teachers with an Agenda' in 2013 to a small number of teachers. As time passed many teachers registered to receive the newsletter, and its distribution quickly increased and currently stands on 10,000 teachers and administrators who make up its mailing list. The newsletter – 'Teachers with an Agenda' is sent twice a month throughout the year, free of charge. The project's budget is 198,000 NIS.

Most of the materials sent in the newsletter are posted in our website (Hebrew)

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Kedma – For Social & Educational Justice in Israel is a social-educational non-profit organization that works for equality and social justice in Israel through education.