Neve Hof Elementary School

Neve Hof Elementary School (grades 1 to 6) located in the heart of the Neve Hof neighborhood in Rishon Le'Zion, a weakened neighborhood where some areas have undergone expedited urban renewal. Most of the school's students come from middle-lower class families. Kedma Association began managing the school in 2013. 

The educational staff at the school has a high social awareness, believes in social change through education and teaches using varied learning methods and innovative learning strategies in order to address the needs of every student in the school, and in order to motivate them to personal growth and achievements, while promoting communication and cooperation with the community who supports the students. The classrooms in the school are heterogeneous, without grouping students according to academic achievements, or tracking them. At the end of each academic year, the school has the "Success Fair" that enables the entire school community to present and share projects that are linked to the curriculum. This is the second year that the school is part of a small group of schools that are leaders in quality pedagogy.

And so, the establishment and implementation of the academic model in the school has been very successful: 72% of Kedma students complete their studies with a full matriculation certificate. This is an outstanding achievement, considering that they are fourth generation of economic destitution and poverty, and taking into account their parents' minimal education and the enormous educational gaps they bring with them when they arrive in the school. Moreover, 40% of all Kedma graduates continue their studies in higher education institutions. These are higher levels than the national average, and much higher than the achievement average of students from weakened populations. 

It is also noteworthy that in addition to the support of students during their high school studies, the association also invests in supporting the graduates through subsidizing courses for the psychometric exam and providing scholarships while students acquire their higher education.

Ms. Viki Nitzan, Supervisor

“I was very impressed by the exciting, intellectual and challenging work I experienced throughout the committee’s work as it provided guidance and support to the educational staff of the Neve Hof School. The personal and organizational vision of the Principal and the staff was professional, intelligent and inspiring. The school is indeed a real educational environment. It was absolute pleasure to work with you!

It is evident that your teamwork skills help to overcome challenges, address organizational needs and are based on a clear educational approach. Throughout the committee’s work, I was impressed by the Principal’s explicit vision.   

Throughout the committee’s supervision, it was possible to identify the process of personal, professional and organizational growth. It was noticeable that the management enjoyed its work and teachers were involved in the presentation of the program – in the process and prior to writing the work plans. The teachers’ level of commitment also greatly impressed the committee. To my humble opinion, all these factors indicate that the staff underwent a thorough, Sisyphean and intensive process that preceded the choice of goals and developing the work plans.

Work plans reflect the vision, goals and objectives of the school for this year as well as the implementation methods to attain them. The program addresses the needs which were identified by various organization partners.” 


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